o ring and seal, rubber gasket

Professional production of precision o-rings, o-ring, rubber ring, rubber balls, Viton o-ring,silicone balls, water rings, water seals, rubber seals, o-rubber ring, o ring seals, rubber products, seals, hollow rubber ball,  plastic beads, fluorine rubber o-rings, waterproof rubber rings, silicone waterproof ring, hollow plastic ball, solid rubber balls, hollow plastic balls, hollow PTFE o-ring, ptfe o-ring, Teflon o-ring, o ring, Viton seals, polyurethane seals rings, rubber tubes, silicone tubes, fluorine rubber sheet. Products for the automotive, valves, ball valves, pumps, sanitary, electronics, bearings, electrical appliances, toys and other industries, exports to Europe, America.

Types of materials are NBR nitrile rubber, NR natural rubber,CR Neoprene, EPDM EPDM,HNBR hydrogenated nitrile rubber,SILICOME silicone,FKM,VITON, fluorine rubber, FLS silicon fluorine rubber, PU Polyurethane,SBR D benzene rubber, Buna Nitrile rubber,PTFE, Certification with ROHS, U.S. NSF, FDA, German DVG, KTW, British WRAS.


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