Water purifier for silicone O-ring

O-rubber ring filled by a low-friction polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) ring and rubber O rings a combination of O-ring to provide adequate sealing preload, and the wear of the PTFE ring redeeming. PTFE friction coefficient is small, similar to the static friction coefficient. Cylinder rod seal for high-speed reciprocating motion and high-pressure system. Two ladder ring seal, and can achieve zero leakage.
O-rubber seal materials: ladder circle filled PTFE.
O-rubber ring features:
1, simple structure, good sealing performance, the O-rubber ring cross-section structure is extremely simple, and self-sealing, sealing performance and reliable.
2, easy to install O-rubber seals and install parts of the structure is extremely simple, and has formed a standardized, therefore replacement is very easy to install.
3, for a wide range by appropriate choice of rubber materials and the appropriate formulation design, seal oil, water, air, gas and various chemical media. Temperature using a wide range of -60 ° C to +220 ° C), fixed the use of pressure up to 1500Kg/cm2 (and with the reinforcement ring)
Variety suitable for various uses materials, size and grooves have been standardized.
O-ring rubber is widely used in diesel locomotives, cars, tractors, construction machinery, machine tools and various hydraulic and pneumatic components such as seals, may bear fixed, reciprocating and rotary movement of the seal, rubber seals in the mechanical seal O-accounting for more than 50%. Needed to produce a variety of special purpose seals used for high temperature, low vacuum, high pressure and different media and profiled rubber seal products.

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