Truck PTFE Ring Gasket Water Resistance With Low And High Temperature Capability

Created on:2021-05-17 23:51

Low and High Temperature Capability for Truck PTFE Ring Gaskets
PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) sealing products are recommended for use in
many industrial applications. These include.

1. Food Processing (FDA Seals)
2. Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems
3. Engineering and Manufacturing Process
4. Chemical Processing

The PTFE Seal consist of a PTFE sealing element and a rubber O-ring functions
as elastic energizer. The required sealing effect is achieved by radial pressure,
produced by the preloaded element and system pressure.
Outstanding features of PTFE Seal are:
wear resistance can be improved by proprietary fllers
very good in sealing most of chemicals
high extrusion resistance
good thermal conductivity (ranging from -450 deg F to +600 deg F) .

easy ftting
In comparison to standard sealing solutions, PTFE seals can present further
distinctive features. The most important of these features is low friction at high
pressures, however, when designing longlasting and dependable sealing
systems other important factors to take under consideration are high abrasion
resistance, extreme chemical compatiblity, and low stick-slip.

PTFE parts
Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene is a fluorocarbon-based polymer and is commonly
abbreviated PTFE.
It offers high chemical resistance, low and high temperature capability,
resistance to weathering, low friction, electrical and thermal insulation.
PTFE's mechanical properties are low compared to other plastics
but its mechanical properties can be enhanced by adding fllers such as glass
fibers, carbon, graphite, molybdenum disulphide, and bronze.

PTFE is a superior O-Ring material not affected by most chemicals. It can be
used at temperatures up to 500°F (260°C). It has the lowest coefficient of friction
of any solid material. Lubrication is less critical and can sometimes be omitted.
O-rings can be made 100% from PTFE or elastomers silicone or nitrile can be
coated in a PTFE sheath for added chemical resistance while maintaining
maximum flxilit.


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