Gaskets leakage

General gasket leakage in four forms: interface leakage, infiltration leakage, diffusion leakage, destruction of leakage.

Leak interface: interface gasket compression is not enough, Flange finish improper flange deformation and so leak in the seal interface. For Interface World leakage, padded anti-material clamping flange.

Penetration leakage: are fibers of the material of soft material, easy to medium dip fitness, especially the pressure. Due to capillary phenomenon, the media will penetrate into the low voltage side, the formation of penetration.

Diffusion leakage: concentration difference driven by the media material passing through the seal gaps or sealing material capillary leak. Diffusion is the result of molecular motion, and is not a one-way street. Minimal seal differential pressure or vacuum or seal such as nitrogen, hydrogen permeable material, as well as highly toxic, radioactive materials, paying particular attention to the penetration and diffusion of two kinds of leakage.

Leakage of destruction: in a sealed area is relatively poor working conditions, thermal deformation and large, often subject to vibration, impact, improper installation, excessive force, used repeatedly, compressive deformation, internal stress concentration, more than the fatigue strength and destruction, material aging , deterioration, etc. can cause damage leak. This leak caused, endangering large, to enhance preventive measures.

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